What does Physical Therapy help with?

Physical Therapy can help with a wide variety of conditions. At our practice we focus mainly on orthopedic and neuromuscular rehabilitation. We work with all age ranges from pediatrics to geriatrics and have experience treating all areas of the body including the following:

  •  Injuries of the head and neck: TMJ dysfunction, disc bulge, disc herniation, whiplash, cervical sprain, cervical muscle strain, cervicalgia, and cervical radiculopathy
  •  Injuries of the torso and low back: low back pain, disc bulge, disc herniation, lumbar muscle strain, lumbar sprain, lumbar radiculopathy, sacroiliac (SI) joint dysfunction, abdominal muscle strain, and rib injuries
  •  Injuries of the upper extremity: shoulder impingement, rotator cuff injury, labral injury, dislocations/instability, sternoclavicular (SC) joint injury, acromioclavicular (AC) joint injury, UCL injury, RCL injury, bicep tendinopathy/tendinitis, and TFCC injury
  •  Injuries of the lower extremity: hip impingement, labral injury, hip flexor tendinopathy, quad strain, hamstring strain and tendinopathy, adductor/groin strain, patellar tendinopathy, ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL, meniscus, calf strain, achilles tendinopathy, ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, peroneal tendinopathy, and turf toe.

In addition, some of the other general conditions we treat are postoperative rehab, aches, pain,  fractures/breaks, numbness/tingling, weakness, bursitis, tendinopathy/tendinitis, arthritis, development of coordination/motor skills for pediatric patients, post stroke rehabilitation, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, balance/gait deficits. 

Do you take insurance?

Yes! We work with most insurance companies including Medicare. We offer complimentary insurance verification for prospective patients; you can provide us with your insurance information and we will give them a call to confirm that we take your plan and determine what your co-pay will be.

What if I don’t have insurance?

If you do not have health insurance, we have a self pay rate of $90 per visit for Physical Therapy. This price includes your physical therapy visit and access to our recovery room as long as you use the room within one week of your physical therapy appointment. 

Do I need a prescription for Physical Therapy?

Most insurances will allow you to come directly to us without a prescription! We can find this information out during the complimentary insurance verification. Medicare patients do require a prescription. Self pay patients do not require a prescription.

What can I expect during a Physical Therapy visit?

Your first visit will be your initial evaluation. First, we will talk about the history of your injury/condition and what symptoms you’re experiencing. Next, we will perform strength, range of motion, neuromuscular, and tissue specific tests to determine what the driving cause of your pain/condition is. After this, we will have a likely diagnosis and will come up with a treatment plan to guide you in achieving your goals. This treatment plan will involve a combination of manual therapy (massage/soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization, joint manipulation, myofascial release, dry needling, cupping, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization), exercise, and lifestyle modification. Each subsequent visit will be a follow up visit during which we will progress your manual therapy treatment and exercises in order to achieve your goals.

What does your recovery room include?

Our recovery room includes normatec air compression massage boots, infrared sauna, and cold plunge bath. During your session you will have the room to yourself for 45 minutes to use all three of the above amenities.

Is the recovery room covered by insurance?

No, the recovery is not covered by insurance. Our prices are the following:

  • $35 for one visit
  • $150 for 5 visits
  • $250 for 10 visits

What should I wear to a visit?

Please wear loose fitting athletic clothing to your visit. This will allow for optimal movement and access to all regions of the body necessary to perform manual therapy treatments.

How do I know if Physical Therapy is right for me?

We offer a free consultation during which we can discuss your concerns, symptoms, and goals to determine if you can benefit from Physical Therapy. This consultation can be done on the phone or in person and will only take about 10 minutes.

How can I make an appointment?

The best way to schedule an appointment for Physical Therapy and/or recovery room is by calling us at 973-265-8621. As mentioned above, if you are using health insurance for Physical Therapy we provide complimentary insurance verification to determine what, if any, out of pocket cost you will have. We look forward to working with you!


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