Recovery Room

Recovery Room

Recovery Room

An important, and often neglected part of exercise, is the recovery. Without proper rest and recovery, there cannot be proper growth. In our recovery room, we offer normatec compression therapy, infrared sauna, and cold plunge bath to aide in your recovery process. For those looking to recover from training sessions properly, our clinicians will give you the tools necessary to build yourself up stronger.

Normatec Compression boots assist in shortening your net time spent recovering after an effective therapy session. This is achieved by promoting proper blood circulation, lactic acid and lymphatic drainage through varying levels of pulses and sustained pressure in the separate zones on the boots.

Infrared sauna allows for a more comfortable sauna experience by heating the unit to 110 F – 158 F as opposed to the typical 160 F to 200 F temperatures you would see in traditional sauna. These less intense temperatures coupled with infrared’s ability to penetrate the body’s surface results in amazing therapeutic results. The benefits from this treatment include but are not limited to improved heart health, sore muscle relaxation, pain relief, and even an improved immune system.

Cold Plunge is an effective therapy that has many health benefits when used safely. This is achieved by deliberate cold exposure aiming for a temperature (39 F – 60 F). By doing so, the benefits that you will see are an increase in energy & focus, mood enhancement through dopamine release, increases in metabolism, and muscle relaxation. You may even see a degree of training your mind that takes place by exposing your body to the stressors of the cold and adapting to it.

Each recovery room session is 45 minutes and allows you access to the cold plunge, infrared sauna, and normatec compression boots.


  • $35 for 1 time use
  • $150 for 5 sessions
  • $250 for 10 sessions

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